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On Friday March 11th 2011, the Divisional Officer for Kumba 1 subdivision Mr. Ndikum Clement Fon and his entourage made their first official visit to Kumba 1 Council. He was equally recieved at the council’s end by an entourage headed by the Lord Mayor, Prince Ekale Mukete, the 2nd Deputy Mayor and the secretary General.

Mayor Ekale Welcomes D.O. Ndikum Clement to the Kumba 1 Council.

The lord mayor then proceeded to acquaint the D.O with the working environment and offices of the Kumba 1 council. K1C under the strong voice of the prince presented a welcome address that heeled the status-qu0 of the council in all its domains. In a brief meeting that followed, he called the D.O’s attention to the lost of councilor Paul Akama in 2007, and the absence of the 1st Deputy Mayor Mr. Otang Gerald. He named amongst others the achievements of the councils in the areas of research projects, health projects and humanitarian activities like the aid provided for less privileged such as the children in the Azi Orphanage, the creation of a council website (WWW.kumba1council.org) and blog (Kumba Day and Night) and the construction of some 20 classrooms and VIP toilets in primary schools.

D.O takes notes on some major points raised

The Divisional Officer on his part applauded the efforts of the council under the patronage of Prince Ekale. He urged the staff to put all hands on deck so as to realize the vision of the council. He also pledged the unbiased availability of the D.O’s office to aid the council in every way needed. Worthy of note is the fact that this visit marks the D.O’s first Official tour to Public and Para public offices in the subdivision, a three day tour he called an “administrative ritual’.¬† With a toast during a cocktail party the visit was solidified and officialphotos for better¬† memories were taken.

Formal introduction of the Kumba 1 Council staff.

by Julius Njume

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