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Sunshades en vogue

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Most people in Kumba can be seen on a regular basis wearing sun glasses. This is aimed at shading their eyes from the sum rays. The sun glasses are specially darkened to prevent bright light from hurting ones vision. When a person wears sun glasses, every thing becomes less bright and this is a comfort on sunny days.

Protecting ones eyes from light is the major use of sunglasses. But this is not the case any more, because some people wear it and look at them selves as fashion accessory. Some individuals wear it because they don’t want others to see their eyes for a lot of reasons.

Numerous shades to make a choice

With the climate change which is affecting Kumba, many people can be seen with sun glasses on a daily basis. Business persons, workers and bike riders can be seen daily wearing sun shades most of them to protect their eyes from the sun, and dust which causes conjunctivitis. Others do wear it to be in the mode.

More sun shades

Also the shades are relatively cheap, and can be afforded by any one who has a soft spot for them. If one takes a walk to the entrance of the Kumba main market, they will find many hawkers selling sunglasses of all colours and shapes. However, this gives buyers a modicum of choice to select which they prefer.

By Ledi Akwo

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