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 Reason why gathering of  iron scraps has become a business  in Kumba . Often, scraps of old vehicles and household materials like pots, spoons, forks are sold to dealers of waste iron materials. These scrap materials are gathered mostly by youths, who move from place to place in search of abandoned scraps.

            Scraps ready for transportation

When the items have been collected in large numbers, they are taken to scrap dealers who weigh the goods and compensate those who gathered them. The scraps are later transported to the Economic capital (Douala) for a final market, where they are recycled for the manufacture of Iron Rods, knives, plates, spoons, forks and other household equipments.

         More scraps to transport.

 The gathering of scrap materials has created some form of employment to some youths of Kumba, there by taking them off the streets.To an extent, this business has helped to promote cleanliness in  the City of Kumba which before now, one could fine so many abandoned equipments  every where.

      Scraps are also protected.
  By Pella Ndoh


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