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Kumba is an Economic Town where there exist different kind of jobs and businesses. Truck Pushing for instance is one of such jobs. This job to many is neglected and considered unpleasant since many consider majority of them as uneducated and low class citizens in the society. Most of them are youths who are involved in this job and are generally called “Truck Pushers” and in most cases are not respected in the society due to their manner of dressing when on duty. Since they appear untidy.

Goods ready for transportation.

Inspite of the above negative thoughts which the public have in mind about them, they contribute enormously in the Country’s Economic Growth and Kumba as a whole. This so because Truck Pushing serve as a means of self employment to many unemployed youths in and around Kumba thus helping to alleviate the level of unemployment in Kumba and Cameroon as a whole. Talking  to Mr. John,a truckpusher resident in Fiango, he says “looking untidy is a means of distinguishing my self from other professions. I am very happy and pleased to be called a “Truck Pusher” since it is my own means of generating my income and I am self employed and not unemployed”.

Truck pushers at the park waiting for clients

Truck pushers are mostly found around the markets,along the streets and inside motor parks. Since these are the areas where they can easily get  customers.They carry goods from the market to the road side for their customers to easily get a taxi.Truck pushers help to ease means of transportation of goods  at very low prices to some interior quarters inand around Kumba,where taxis cannot easily gain access.It will therefore be wise if truck pushers are not minimised, since they act as vital agents in the society.

Truck pusher about to transport goods to their final destination.

By Glory Anzeh

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