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A Day in the Analysis Department

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While working at the Kumba 1 Council there are a number of different departments and projects going on simultaneously. One such department is the Analysis Department. There are three main workers within the Department, Tso Jude Tarh and Emilia Nnoko Mukete and  Zamatu  Jivir.

These three workers are employed through the National Employment Fund Programme. Under this programmme recently graduated students are able to obtain jobs so they can gain career experience. The contract, which began in June 2010, lasted one year. It is up to the Council if they are needed as full time employees or not.

The work that occurs in this department is surveying what building projects the people within Kumba 1 jurisdiction want to happen. After the workers within the Analysis Department determine what the people of Kumba 1 want the Council applies to national and international groups to help fund the projects.

Kim with Emilia and Jude.

One of the main projects still underway was funded by FEICOM. Under the first project the people of Kumba 1 said they wanted more classrooms and toilets in nursery and primary schools. The Council responded to this request quickly and has built 20 classrooms and 10 toilets for nursery and primary schools within the Kumba 1 district.

Doing some work in the Analysis office.

Two other studies are still under research and development in a study dealing with cholera and a programme dealing with healthcare delivery. The way the Council is planning on addressing the cholera epidemic is by hosting seminars/workshops that address the problem. The study regarding healthcare delivery is planning on producing literature for Kumba residents to refer for minor health issues that way they do not need to go to the doctor or hospital so often. The reason why this is important is because there are small numbers of doctors to residents in Cameroon, almost 1 doctor to over 100 Cameroonians.

A final project that the Analysis Department is working on is in collaboration with students in the Masters Program at the University of Southern California in the United States. Both the Analysis Department and USC students are using a collaborative program, Base Camp, to communicate efficiently. What the project is trying to achieve is for soap and coco produced and manufactured here in Kumba to be sold under United States standards in the American market. The USC students are working with the Analysis Department to brand the products and work together to sell them in the United States.

As one can see, the Analysis Department is very busy and has many beneficial projects for the people of the Kumba 1 district underway.

By Kimberly Juhnke

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