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The City of Kumba inhabits a series of people of various domains either in their job qualifications, in which they can be skilled, unskilled and who are mostly the self employed, those who are neither skilled nor unskilled and the deplorable groups who are either the mentally derange or insane carrying out their daily activities like the normal ones.

Kumba like other Towns, harbours mad persons who are mad cause either by themselves or by  wick and envious individuals in the society. These mad people roam the streets of Kumba and its environs and  are very popular with Nick  names like “Sexy”, “Osama Bin Laden”, Calculator” and many others.

Some of them have particular spots where they live like  under  trees,  bridges and others in their houses or any where they feel is more convenient for them. Some popular spots where they can be found around the City of Kumba are; around the Town Green area that is adjacent to the Town Green Round About , the Grand stand by the Kumba City Council, Shades in the market, Motor parks and many more, .

Amongst these mentally deranged persons in the City of Kumba the one that  caught the attention of Kumbadayandnight was a mad man called Akah Andrew, popularly known as “Osama Bin Laden” who lives around the Town Green area under a tree . This man has been living there for close to a year.

Happy mentally deranged Akah Andrew alais "Osama Bin Ladin".

The life style of this mad man “Osama” under this tree is actually a fun and a great humor to tell. “Osama” however as he is popularly known, has his bed that is under the tree and which is made up of plastic bags and leaves; and another one which is very large that he uses to cover himself when it rains. The fun about “Osama” again is that he has deliberately refused to change his sitting position come rain, come shine especially during the dry season which is accompanied with a lot of dust. Again, Branches of the tree he lives under  has been cut off that was actually acting as a means of shelter due to the recent road construction which is presently going on in the City of Kumba.

“Osama’s”  bedroom.

Another mad man of such nature with his life style is “Sexy” who is mostly concern with the picking of scrap metals around the town especially around the Kumba Town neighborhoods. He collects these scrap metals and sell them to scrap dealers who then carry the scrap to Douala for further transformation for the production of most kitchen utensils. “Sexy” is known in town by most people as a “Self employed mad man” since he has a means of earning a living to sustains his life.

"Sexy" on his way.

He is at times very brutal especially to taxi drivers since he throws stones and even acts at times like a police man on duty during controls when he is hungry and in need of money.

By Glory Anzeh

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