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The minister of Urban Development and Housing, Clobert Tchatat recently visited Kumba for the first time serving in that capacity. The purpose of the visit is to examine the work done in the projects he finances in the City in terms of Road Infrastructure and Urban Development.

Mayor explaining maps to the Minister.

The current projects are the filling of pot holes at SONAC Street, Mbonge Road from the Catholic Mission, up to Mukete Plantation. Turning left from Kramer Avenue to the Anglican Junction.

Mayor Ekale and Minister Tchatat at Eseme Street.

During his tour, the Minister noticed that there is a severe flooding on the right side from Anglican quarter. Minister Tchatat has agreed to finance a study on how the area can be drained so that the land becomes useful. The Minister also inspected the Kramer Avenue  since he has asked for the resurfacing of the road. Earlier this year, a contract was given to tar Endeley Street, and resurface Mukete road starting from Presbyterian Church Kumba Town, up to the S.D.O’s office .  The Minister noted that, contract for the road leading to the gate behind the District Hospital has not been started.

Mayor explaining to the Minister and the D.O. for kumba 1.

Concerning the Kumba 1 Municipality, the Mayor Prince Ekale Mukete saw the Minister earlier to ensure that roads are taken into account for 2012, in terms of priority. The Mayor requested that the road from the S.D.O’s office to CALAO Junction, leading to the shore of the Lake be tarred as a number one priority. Since it will boast the touristic potential of Kumba and the effects will be felt in all touristic establishments because every visitor to Kumba will like to pay a visit to the Lake.

Minister and Administrative Officials in Meme.

Mayor Ekale stressed that the facilities to entertain visitors to the Lake cannot be developed when the road is yet to be tarred. More to that, he insisted that the Summit of the Lake, starting from the S.D.O’s residence should be tarred alongside the Summit.

Minister and entourage in Kake II.

The tarring of the roads up there is a boon, as the number one Administrative personality that is the prefect of Meme will be served with a tarred road to his residence. And also facilitate the receiving of VIPS and personalities to the City of Kumba. An added advantage to the tarring of the road is to disenclave the Mbo Barombi Lake. Earlier in the year, the road by the Lake shore was surveyed by the Councils surveyors, during a trip to survey a site for the construction of two class rooms in Mbo Barombi.

Interviewing the Minister.

Another second priority project is the road form Kake II to Diffa village. The Minister insisted on visiting the road and the new integrated Health Centre in Kake II which is on the road. Much to the consternation of the villagers of Kake II who never expected a Minister’s visit despite the Mayors promise to bring him in their village. The third road is the continuation of the RTC, Bonakama road that is supposed to pass through Mukete plantaion Estate, Nkamlikum, to the RAZEL Junction at Kramer Avenue. This road is important because the 1 km of road starting from Buea  Road  has been tarred and another 1 km has been profiled right to the end of Mukete Plantation, Nkamlikum Estate (just after late Lawyer Eseme’s residence). The Mayor wants this road of seven and a half kilo meters which was planned since 2004 to be established, even if it is an earth road .Tarring will be easier if the full road is completed.

Minister Tchatat discusses with Assistant. S.D.O.

Monte  Carlo Road which is an earth  road  will open up access and make it easy for people in Nkamlikum  Quarter (biggest quarter in Kumba) to move in and out, and also facilitate  rapid development in the area. The next road for tarring is the Treasury Street. The Mayor insisted it be tarred since the Street has the tallest building in Kumba (five storeys, Kumba Central Cooperative Credit Union). The Mayor made a special request that the adjoining Street where the Prestige Hotel is situated and which provides access to ECOBANK on Common Wealth Avenue be also tarred.

Treasury street Junction under survey.

Next was the visit to Eseme Street(popularly known as Lido Street) where the Mayor asked that the street be tarred and the adjoining one known as Mabongise Street which leads to the old Mamfe park be tarred too. Other streets in Makata and Nkamlikum quarters were listed in the compendium of projects to be considered. Although only the priority project sites were visited.

Mayor with the Assisatnt S.D.O and.D.Os.

By Ledi Akwo.

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