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A handicraft exhibition show took place on Tuesday the 23rd August 2011 at the K1C.The aim of this show was to select exhibitors to represent the Division in the Divisional and Regional exhibitions coming up in September, and also to enable the citizens of kumba and its environs portray their inner talents in various arts and craft.

Decorations at the exhibition ground.

Gambo mohaman explains his designs.

Jury making thier turns around the various stands.

The Divisional Delegate of Small and Medium Enterprises and Social, Economy and Handicraft, Mr. Charles Motutu Mbua revealed that, his Delegation has been to all the Sub- Divisions in Meme, and they have already selected ten artists who will be representing their various Sub-Divisions during the Divisional Exhibition on the 1st and 2nd of September at the Kumba City Council.

Mayor presents his welcome address.

Mayor and D.O viewing the stands.

Soap made by CEMAK CIG

Demonstrating soap production.

D.O. Clement hands prize to best exhibitor Ebenezer.

Mr.Samuel Ekoko explaining his work to the Mayor and D.O.

Mayor Handing prize to soap manufacturer.

Divisional Delegate handing Prize to CEMAK CIG.

The exhibition show started with the arrival of the Divisional Officer (D.O.) welcomed by the Mayor  of the Kumba1Council, Prince Ekale Mukete the Secretary General, Madam Pamela Ntongwe and the Divisional Delegate of Small and Medium Size Enterprises Mr. Charles Motutu.

A speech was made by the Mayor followed by the Divisional Officer, encouraging the artists to portray to the world their inner talents.

The dignitaries took a walk to feed their eyes on what the people had made and also to know more about their talents. During this walk, various works of Arts and Crafts were seen. They  include; African designs ,leather shoes, locally made soaps, processed snail products and most especially a comet device known as a silent generator( does not use fuel and makes no unpleasant noise) was discovered. Others included an electric device for purpose of security, food processing, tie and dye, and batik, making of back and arm rest amongst others.

At the end of the occasion, prizes were awarded to the best ten participants of the show. The 1st prize was won by Mr. Ebenezer Makia Kolor, the producer of the silent generator.

Dignatries with winners of exhibition.

In January 2011, 25 participants will be selected to represent Region in the National Exhibition. A carved soap in the form of a Cameroon Map, bearing the colours of the National Flag was given as Gifts to the D.O and the Mayor by the Community Empowerment Arsenal Kumba, common initiative group(CEMAK C.I.G )

All participants with Mayor, D.O and Divisional Delegate.

By Relindis Ndikum.

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