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Form 5 students of Government Bilingual High School  students  in class.

Monday September 19th marks the 3rd week since the beginning of the 2011/2012 academic year.  The students have finally out passed the excitement which they felt during the first two weeks of school reopening. They have gradually acquainted themselves with their new classes and are striving hard. On the other hand, some kids who are just starting school for the first time have gradually adapted to their new environment as they can now freely interact and play with their peers.

Pupils of EDUCARE primary school school playing during break.

Parents also are beginning to rest from the much tension which the”Back to school” period usually holds for them. Buying all the school requirements and paying the fees is not an easy task for parents.

A father of 4 revealed to Kumba day and night that it was not easy purchasing all his children’s necessities, with the usual increase in prices during the period. Since his salary is not adequate for him to buy all the school items, pay fees and also his bills.

On the part of the teachers, the “Back to school” period means commitment. They have to devote their time and patience while teaching the children. Since some are very slow in learning, while others are head strong. We  hope the academic year runs smoothly and the Kids, pupils and students take a full brain home at the end of the academic year.

By Ledi Akwo

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