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The prime Minister and Head of Government Philemon  Yang has launched the campaign for the  Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement(C.P.D.M.)   Party as one of those going in for the 2011 presidential Elections in Cameroon under President Paul Biya.  Campaigning under the theme “Paul Biya, the People’s Choice”, a large number of supporters turned out to witness and support the course of the party. This occasion took place on Tuesday, September 27th at the ceremonial ground of the City of Kumba.

Government Delegate Victor Ngoh hands speech to Prime Minister Yang.

Mayor Ekale presenting his speech.

Mayor Ekale and Governor Koumpa Issa chanting the National Anthem.

Divisional Coordinator for meme, Nfon Mukete addressing the population

His Excellency Peter Mafany,South West Regional Coordinator for the C.P.D.M. campaign for 9th october presidential elections

In his welcome address to the Prime Minister, the Government Delegate to the Kumba City Council     Victor Ngoh Nkelle expressed the joy he feels, since K- Town was chosen to be the first town where the campaigns will kick start. He promised the National  campaign manager that the inhabitants of Kumba will support the party fully and ensure that the party leads in the October 9th polls.

P.M thanks the population.

P.M Yang goes to meet the crowd.

Peter Mafany hands speech to Philemon Yang.

P.M. Yang greats  militants as he makes his way out

(L-R)Mr.Peter Ekole,Prince Colin Ebarko,Hon.Benjamain Itoe,Mr.Thomas Eyambe,Minister Elvis Ngole, Mr.Ebong Ngole,H.E. Peter Mafany awaiting Prime Minister Philemon Yang.

Talking on behalf of all the C.P.D.M Meme Sub Section Presidents, the Meme1A President, and Mayor of the Kumba 1Council, Prince Ekale Mukete guaranteed their total support to ensure the victory of the C.P.D.M Chairman come October 9th .  Also disclosing that the five Sections in Meme are all ascribed in what is termed the “Theory of The Absolute Win”.

Prime Minister Yang makes the unity sign

The Section President also thanked the National Chairman for increasing the number of Meme sons and daughters in the central committee of the National Party, and also the retention of the coveted seat of president of the National Youth bureau which is now occupied by and illustrious youth, comrade Mbonda Stephen .

W.C.P.D.M Women singing.

W.C.P.D.M Women dance to hand gift to Madam Linda Yang.

(l-r)Victor Ngoh,Nfon Mukete, Tata Okia Elangwe Witnessing occasion.

Prince Ekale also used this forum to thank the Head of state, through the Prime minister for initiating, approving and enabling and unprecedented number of developmental projects for the benefit of the people of Meme Division .The President also list down their concerns and expectations in the Division, and also requested that the sons and daughters of Kumba should be appointed to post of responsibilities. He concluded by promising their full support to ensure the Victory of Paul Biya, come October 9th.

(l-r)Prince Ebarko Mukete,Prince Ekale Mukete during the launching ceremony.

On his part, the Divisional Coordinator for the 2011 elections in Meme, Nfon V.E. Mukete welcomed the Prime Minister in to Meme Division. Since the Division felt honored to host the campaign launch. Nfon Mukete also disclosed that he felt confident that the Prime Minister will discharge his tasks with confidence and courage.

The Regional coordinator of the C.P.D.M, former Prime Minister Peter Mafany Musonge said he felt proud and delighted that the prime Minister has chosen the South West Region to launch the C.P.D.M Campaign. Since the inhabitants are peace loving, and abiding to the laws of the Republic, despite the hurdles they face in their daily lives, they are optimistic.

The Prime Minister, Philemon Yang thanked the population for the great turn out and to accept warm greetings from the President Paul Biya. He said the peoples great turn out shows their believe in Paul Biya, who has been the leader for many years. Mr. Yang also said with Paul Biya, no Region will be left out in the process of National Development. Since the South West Region has a number of projects going on, like the tarring of the 3.5 kilometers road from the Play fair bridge to Town Green Bridge, and they are also known for making the right choice. He enjoined them to select the white ballot paper, and put it in the right envelope on October 9th.

H.E Peter Mafany talks with a Journalist

The occasion ended with the motion of support, presented by Chief Ekong Samuel who pledged their total support for the victory of the C.P.D.M. Party.

By Ledi Akwo.

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