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Yesterday night at the Alaska neighborhood, two boys of about 27 to 29 years old sitting in front of an off-license were seriously arguing which almost led to a fight over whom to be the next in forth coming president in Cameroon. One was for the C.P.D.M victory, while the other was for the fact that he just wanted a change of power at the presidency.

The guy who was for the C.P.D.M  party argued that it is but obvious that president Paul Biya has ruled well and there has never been a problem nor a civil war in the country, so it is better  to sleep with the devil you know than to sleep with the angel you don’t know. But the other boy argued that president Paul Biya should give opportunity for other people especially the youth to take over.This argument was so serious that they started insulting each other and a possible fight was stopped. This shows the political tense mood we can see in town before the declaration of the results in fifteen days.

 By relindis Ndikum

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