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Boy dies after confrontation with ESIR.

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A boy whose   name we got as Limwe Omarou Hossan    has been killed around the   Kosala neighborhood in Kumba. This incident took place on Thursday October 13th following a confrontation between the victim and the Rapid Intervention Unit (ESIR). Gendarmes in battle combat ready, covered the Kumba Central Police Station to prevent it from been destroyed by an irate mob from Kosala.

It is alleged that Limwe duped the sum of over two hundred thousand francs from an elderly man. The victim then reported the matter to the authorities who stumped the area looking for the fraudster.  When Limwe was arrested, he tried to resist and in the scuffle, the ESIR elements beat him to death.

Angry at the death of limwe, the irate Kosala population wielding machetes which they had stolen from the Kumba main market. They carried the corpse of late Limwe to the Kumba Central Police Station. Before they arrived the station, armed gendarmes were already stationed there.

The Senior Divisional Officer for Meme, David Koulbout Aman,, accompanied by the Divisional Officers for Kumba I, II, III concerted with the parents of Late Limwe and the population. The population was then pacified, and the remains were conveyed to Kosala for burial.

on lookers after the incident.

Linwe's sister not accepting her brothers death.

Population at the Central Police Station.

Blocked Traffic.

People kept crowding the Central Police Station.

By Ledi Akwo.

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