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Militants of the Meme 1A Section of the CPDM with headquarters in Kumba 1 Njuki, Sunday 6th November 2011, turned out massively at the party secretariat to celebrate in pomp the 29th anniversary of the supreme magistracy of Paul Biya as Head of State of Cameroon. This year’s celebration also coincided with President Paul Biya’s sweeping victory over 22 other political parties in the October 9th presidential elections.

D.O Clemet Ndikum waves population while mayor Ekale claps.

The Meme 1A Section president Prince Ekale Mukete lauded militants of his section for turning out enormous and voting massively for President Paul Biya in the just passed presidential elections. In which the Meme 1A Section in Kumba I subdivision gave President Biya the lone victory in the three subdivisions in Kumba. Prince Ekale, who was visibly happy, thanked the CPDM militants whom he described as the silent majority for unveiling their true claws by voting massively for Paul Biya in the October Presidential elections. Prince Ekale further observes that except in Egypt, president Paul Biya won the election in all the countries that Cameroonians registered and voted.

C.P.D.M militants match on the streets in celebration of the 29th anniversary.

The central committee representative, Nfon V.E Mukete for his past, equally lauded CPDM militants for re-electing Paul Biya to the Supreme Magistracy as the Head of State of Cameroon. He however cautioned that there is much work ahead to be done and that CPDM militants should wear one thinking cap and put all hands on deck to help President Paul Biya achieve his promise of transforming Cameroon into a true construction site for Economic Emergence.

Nfon V.E.Mukete clebrates with Meme IA Elites.

Other than the W CPDM and YCPDM Section Presidents ,Beatrice  Mbone Ntuba and John Kinge ,the occasion was  also graced by the presence of  some prominent sons and daughters of the Division like Honorable Benjamin Itoe, and wife, Mispa Itoe, Madam Lydia Effimba, representing the administration. There was also the first assistant SDO for Meme, Zamara Prospere and the DO for Kumba I, Clement Ndikum. The president, Prince Ekale Mukete officially ended the occasion with a closing remark and then a long march from the party hall to the Kumba I council and then back to the party hall.

Mayor Ekale dancing with a dedicated C.P.D.M militant.

C.P.D.M militants in full celebration

By Ledi Akwo/ Relindis Ndikum

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