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kumba 1 Council held a Budgetary Session for 2011 and 2012

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December 31st 2011  was the date which the Kumba 1 council budgetary session meeting was held. It took place in the Kumba I conference hall under the patronage of the SDO David Haman Koulbot,the DO Clement Ndikum, the first assistant SDO Youngkuma Nelson, the second Assistant SDO Zamara Prospere, a Representative of the Government  Delegate and the Lord Mayor Prince Ekale Mukete. The purpose of the meeting a presentation, evaluation and approval of the administrative \Management Account of 2011 which had a budget  of   797.450.00 and deliberate, vote and  adopt 2012 financial year’s  budget. During the meeting the councilors in their various committees (social, financial and infrastructure committee) make sure  concrete reasons were given for a problem not solve during the course of the year.

THE DO,The mayor, the Second Assistant Mayor waiting on for the SDO'S arrival

The SDO's arrival

In the speech given by the lord Mayor Prince Ekale whiched every one a happy new year in advance and he gave some realization of the kumba 1 sub divisional council took place in 2011 such as construction of more  primary classrooms, seminars to update the teaching skills of teachers, promotion of social housing and restructure certain neighborhood, development of our road network, project for the construction of the council hall amongst others  and  he pleaded with the Councillors to rightly draft  a budget for 2012   and finally he stresses on the Kumba 1 council website that has been functioning a year ago but will look for date for the official opening of the website .. In the speech read by the SDO, he stresses on the fact that councilors have to look for a way for the council to have its own revenue, he advised the councilors to be more hard working and they should vote for a budget that will be achieved 70% to 80% and thanked them for accomplishing their mission of the year. Ten deliberations were given like, opening of schools and naming them, women empowerment on job activities, launching of an annual trade fair, council reserve layout amongst others and theses deliberations were adopted for 2012 with a budget of 846.650.000.

The Councillors chair up the SDO as he enters the hall

The Councillors in their various committee

the second assistant SDO, the mayor, the SDO, the first assistant SDO, the DO for kumba 1, and a representative of the government delegate

The Mayors reads his speech

The council treasurer Regina Mbu, the council secretary general Ntongwe Pamela the second Deputy Mayor David Makia chant the National Anthem

The  meeting ended with a word from the  SDO by congratulating the councilors and the  Mayor for their good hand work while the Mayor on his own part did not forget to grant a minute of silence to a kumba 1 council worker who passed away on the 27 of November 2011 in a motor accident(may his soul rest in peace). He   said how they’ve been successful in the course of the year and promised to make effort for the council to grow correctly with new equipments if necessary for the beauty of the town.

By Relindis Ndikum

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