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Diaspora for the Development of Cameroon

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All roads will lead to the economic capital of the South West Region by the 21st of January 2012 following the arrival of a great Danish Consultant from Denmark his Excellency Alex Jorgensen. He will be the guest of honor in the launching of the Mbi Takem Foundation fund raising exercise. This foundation will run an orphanage home and the founder of this foundation is Mr. Mbi  Takem Bayee, known as ‘kumba boy’ based in Denmark for over a decade now. He is also the president of President Paul Biya’s Youth PRESBY in the Scandinavia country.

The lord mayor Ekale Mukete recieves the the PRESBY Scandinavians in his office

Mayor  Ekale talks with Mbi  Takem in his

The PRESBY Scandinavia visited the kumba 1 council on the 9th of January 2012. The aim of their visit was to talk with the lord Mayor Prince Ekale Mukete to give  advices, concern and support for the arrival of  Alex Jorgensen and for their fund raising of the orphanage in kumba. As promoters of Cameroon Diaspora they want to   sustain, serve and to promote the Cameroon land. That is to say that they want the Diaspora to be aware of the Cameroon culture which will greatly help for the development of the country as the president of the PRESBY emphasized on the fact that the Danish citizens are very welcoming and like most of Cameroons traditional out fit so therefore a collaboration with them will be of great benefit.

The president MBI TAKEM and the Secretary General  Fongwe Elton of PRESBY have a talk with a communicator in the communications office

Mbi Takem emphasises on the point of their visit.

Talking with the kumba 1 council communicator, the Secretary General, Fanywe Elton stressed on the point that if Cameroon establishes a strong diplomatic tights with these Scandinavian countries(Finland, Norway,Sweden) Cameroon will benefit a lot from them. He also talked on sustaining the life of Cameroonians in the Diaspora or at home with a long lasting programme because the Scandinavia countries are strong in social welfare and the coming of the Danish consult in Cameroon will lead to a great benefit.These youths again talked about their forth coming organization of a football match between the taxi drivers and bike riders and another between Diaspora youths and kumba veteran clubs. They want to also fight against meningitis   through vaccination campaign for which 50 children will be vaccinated including widows. Lastly they discussed about freedom project that is fighting against human trafficking especially on girls that is the main reason why Mbi takem want to launch an orphanage specifically for girls who are maltreated.

by Manfred Ashu and Relindis Ndikum.

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