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CPDM’S 27th Anniversary

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Saturday 24th March 2012, the birthday of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement (CPDM) was celebrated making the party 27 years old. The celebration started at about 3 pm at the  CPDM party house  in Kumba with the presence of high dignitaries like Chief Mukete, the SDO, Koulbout Aman David ,the DO, Ndikum Clement, the Government delegate, Victor Ngoh Nkelle,  Section President of Meme 1 A, Prince Ekalle Mukete, the president of W CPDM, Madam Ntuba Beatrice, the president of Y CPDM, John Kingue amongst others.

The arrival of Nfon V.E Mukete Mukete

The arrival of the SDO

The DO welcomes the SDO

The celebration started with a welcome address by the Y CPDM president to the all the CPDM militant and a great thanks to everyone  especially to the SDO for his great support to the success of the meeting.  From the speech read by the president of W CPDM, Ntuba Beatrice, she gave a great thanks to President Paul Biya for his economic, political and social achievements in Cameroon, he implemented  women empowerment policy which shows how women had acquired positions both in the party and in the government at large ,she concluded by advising all the women to work in solidarity for a good nation.

singing of the National Anthem

the President of Y CPDM reads his welcome address

From the speech read by the Section President of Meme1 A, Prince Ekalle Mukete, he first of all gave the aim of the celebration (the birth of CPDM)  and later talked about the achievements of the ruling party in the South West region especially in Meme; he talked about the tarring of roads Mamfe-kumba road, the increase of employment(25 000 job opportunity) rate which even Itoe has benefited from it, he congratulated the government for a good governance which has brought peace and social cohesion among Cameroonians.

A speech by Ntuba Beatrice

A word from the section president of Meme1 A

From a word from chief Mukete, the paramount chief of Bafaw, he appreciated  how full the hall was and stressed on the point that, every one even children has the right to register and vote. He concluded by thanking the every one for contributing for the success of the celebration.

A word from Nfon VE Mukete

The Mbo Cultural Dance group

There was the cutting of the CPDM birthday cake and the celebration was also animated by social groups like the Mbo cultural dance, the Bafaw women choir and three artists who helped to spice up the occasion base on the aim of the celebration. The celebration ended with the reading of the motion to the President of the Republic for a job well done in the South West Province base on the economical, political and social achievements and wished him a divine inspiration for his future projects.

Chief Mukete dances the Mbo cultural dance

cutting of the CPDM birthday cake

Mr NKome reads the letter of motion to President Paul Biya

From the closing remark by the Section President, Prince Ekalle Mukete, he wished a happy Birthday to all the CPDM militants and invited the invited guest for a special launch at the kumba1 council.

by Relindis Ndikum

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