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The professor and sailor.

A professor was traveling by boat, on the way, he asked the sailor ‘Do u know Biology? Ecology? Zoology? Embraeology? Epidemology? ‘NO’ said the sailor. Prof got angry and said ‘what the hell do u know? You will die of … Continue reading

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Maltildah weds Armstrong

Mokanya Armstrong Ebonkile and Epie Maltildah Besem  are united in matrimony. The union took place on March 2nd 2012 at the Kumba 1 Conference Hall under the patronage of the Second Deputy Mayor David Makia. The Marriage was filled with … Continue reading

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A young renounced artist known as West don has again released another album entitled ‘Cameroon Nyango’. This album at the moment hits all the musical studios in K-town, and it should not surprising to u that u enjoyed the music … Continue reading

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