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1st May (Labour Day) 2012

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1st May marks a very special day for all workers and laborers to celebrate the labour they have put in their job during the course of the year.  This a day when the workers and labourers decide to demonstrate their happiness through a march pass at the grand Stand in the presence of the S.D.O and his assistants, the government delegate, chief Mukete, the D.Os, the Mayors and other very important high personalities in town.

the SDO just arrived

The SDO addresses the workers

chief Mukete was present to witness the march pass

at the grand stand

The ceremony started exactly at 10 A.M after the arrival of the S.D.O Koulbot Haman, there was the singing of the national Anthem. Then a word of address was read by the S.D.O to the workers; in his address he appreciated the various workers in companies, administrative workers and laborers for a job well done which has led to the economical and social growth of the town and in Cameroon at large.

The SDO gives the Medal to the medalists

So too the second assistant SDO Younkuma Nelson

Medals were given to the various the new 2012 medal recipients that is, it was given to those who have been working for a very long period of time in that particular work of service and those who have contributed positively to the growth of the enterprise or institute in the course of working.  A representative of the new medalists read a word of ‘thank you’ to the SDO for the medals and promised that they will continue doing their job perfectly till end of service.  Before the march pass began the SDO and some high personalities took snap shots with the various 2012 new medalist in kumba

the SDO and the 2012 new medalists

the new medal recipients

the DO Ndikum Clement also gives out the medal

The Mayor Prince Ekale greets the new femal medalists

During the March pass Kumba day and night observes that this year the groups of workers and laborers present have decreased, for example Kumba II council was not present. Some of the groups present were; City Council, Kumba 1 council, Mbonge Council, Guinness Company, Mutuk Kumba 1, Konye Council, ste Congeni, photo minute amongst others. The ceremony ended after when the SDO has left, while the various workers head to their various meeting point for a reception to continue the enjoyment of that day.

City council

kumba 1 council

Bonge Drivers

AES Sonel


Eco- bank

Bonge Council

by Relindis Ndikum

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