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CFDP Organises a Conference at the City Council Chambers

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Saturday 30 June 2012, a conference organized by the Cameroon Football Development Program (CFDP) was held at the City Council chambers under the theme ‘leadership and service’. (This is social institution headed  by Fozano Justine  aimed at engaging West African Youth in Life skill and HIV Education with beautiful Games. It is base in kumba and as well recognized in the United States of America. CFDP uses football as a forum for youth to congregate; it also uses football to reinforce educational messages. It partners with schools, they started with two schools (GBHS Kossala and GSS Nkamlikum) and now six schools have been added. This institution had a signing of memorandum of understanding with the Kumba I council meaning there are now ‘husband and wife’ said by Fozano Justine, meaning the two institutions will be henceforth working in collaboration)



The conference at the city council hall was organized in two phases. The first phase which was the morning session as postulated by the coordinator Fozano Justin was aimed at having youths oriented towards diverse ways for sustainable and consistent development. This first phase was chaired by Mr. Mbonteh Charles, the coordinator of Mudec Group, NGO base in Buea, the former president of junior chambers international, Roland Kwamain whom they both help in inspiring the youths with their charismatic development jargons

the mayor says a word

Fozano Justin

the DO makes his closing remarks

During this first phase ,there was a workshop of three groups by the participants to discuss on the various topics (human right and social responsibility for the community by a volunteer from the USA, self employment as a sustainable means for consistent development by Zamatu Jivir) presented by specific invitees.

sport jesseys

one of the graduates

The second phase which began at about 2pm was chaired by the Kumba I sub divisional Officer Ndikum Clement, the Mayor of Kumba I Council Prince Ekalle Mukete along side with the delegate of woman empowerment centre. The main purpose of this phase was graduate trained leaders of the CFDP who are going to implement CFDP’s activities in the respective localities, handing of sporting equipments to various schools that have so far been net-working with.

the DO, the Mayor, justine and the delgate of women empowerment

The conference was heavily attended by youths from various angles of Kumba I sub division. It ended maturely with a closing remark from the divisional officer.

Relindis Ndikum.

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