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Kumba I holds 2011 management and budgetary account session

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Friday 29th June 2012, the 2011 administrative and management account session was held at the Kumba I council chambers. The session was presided over by the SDO for Meme, Koubout Aman David, the First and the Second Assistant SDO, the DO for Kumba I, a representative of the Government Delegate, the Mayor of Kumaba I, The councilors of Kumba I amongst other high personalities

the Mayor reads his 2011 administrative and management account


the DO. the Mayor and the Second Deputy Mayor welcomes the SDO

The SG Ntongwe Pamela of kumba I reads the last minutes

It all started with the Mayor of Kumba I, Prince Ekalle Mukete who presented the administrative account for 2011, he talked about the neighborhood association, meeting with the CFDP, visited the Central Prison, several visits to the kake II heaLth Center, talked about the mutual health and many others he also talked on his future plans which are the construction of a new council structure, the Kake road, more equipments at the Kake II Health Center, hope for less privileged amongst others. He ended his presentation by wishing his councilors for a constructive deliberation and adoption for the 2012 budget.


In his address, the he stresses on the fact that revenue collection should be put into the council treasury and not into private pocket and that all embezzlers shall be taken to court. He noted that the population appreciates to see the council when physical development is performed. He said it is not easy to vote for a budget that will be easily realized at the end. He calls for maturity and objectivity for the development of the session since he is leaving for another meeting in Buea. He wished them a good and positive deliberation.

The three committees read their reports after they nominated Njang Isaac as the potent chair man of the session. It started with the report from the infrastructures committee, they said they were satisfied but great consideration has to be taken on the construction of roads especially at Mbo Barombi, Alaska Street, Kake Mbonakama. The Mayor notified them that the council is not responsible for the construction, his role is to push the government to take note of these roads and he has been able to do that and so is waiting for the reply. The social committee too on their report showed they were satisfied and lastly on the finance committee reported they had difficulties in working because of lack of materials.


At the end of the session 175 180 000million was adopted which showed that after the tough deliberation of the session it was a successful one. There was a reception immediately after the adoption

by Relindis Ndikum

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