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Governor of S.W.R VISITS Kumba!

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The Governor of the South West Region, Bernard Okalia Bilai   has visited Kumba to continue the preparation of the celebration of the forth coming 50 years of reunification of the French and English Cameroons. The visit lasted for two days, as measures to ensure   that security is put in place to ensure the smooth running of the Region has been put in place.

Talking about the meeting, the S.D.O of Meme, David Koulbout Aman says their Major role is to mobilize the people of Meme, and ensure that they part take in the celebration effectively, counteracting the efforts of some people who are against the Reunification celebration.

The S.D.O also Empahised the need and collaboration of the public and relatives of bandits in the Division to ensure security is established in Kumba. Since the police cannot be stationed in people’s houses to trap the bandits on a daily basis.  Talking about the crime wave in Kumba and Kossala been notorious, the S.D.O says it is easy for people to enter the Division, through the neighboring Divisions, emphasising on the cooperation of the public.


Nfon V.E Mukete and a cross section of the S.D.O's entourage wait to recieve the governor at Barombi Kang

Koulbout Aman David, S.D.O for meme from the left in a chart with his counterpart at Barombi Kang while waiting for the Governor's arrival

Governor Okalia Bilai Bernard being welcomed by Brigade comander Didimous Foyfen

Welcoming the Governor with a Bouquet of flower

David Koulbout Aman , S.D.O FOR Meme, recieving Okalia Bilai Bernard, the Governor of South West Region at Barombi Kang, the gate way to the city of Kumba

Prince Ekalle Mukete, Mayor of Kumba 1 Council salutes Governor Okalia Bilai at Barombi Kang

Nfon V.E Mukete greets Governor Okalia Bilai at Barombi Kang

a cross section of the convoy from Barombi entering the city around Buea-road motor park

(R-L) Clement Ndikum, D.O for Kumba 1 sub division, Victor Ngoh Nkele,Government Delegate for Kumba city, Prince Ekalle Mukete,( Mayor for Kumba 1 Council) waiting to receive the Governor at the entrance to the chambers of Kumba city Council

Governor Okalia Bilai makes his way into the city Council's chambers

singing of the National Anthem

Senior Divisioal Officer for meme, David Koulbout Aman in the salut postion during the singing of the national anthem

a cross section of high personalities at the Kumba City Council chambers

A welcome speech by The Kumba city Council's Government Delegate

an opening speech by the Governor

S.D.O. for Meme David Koulbout Aman arrives at Mayor Ekale’s residence for Break fast.
The Governor arrives and is received by the Mayor Prince Ekale at his residence
Governor Okalia Bilai makes his way into the Mayors sitting room
Cross section of official cars at the residence of the Mayor, Prince Ekale Mukete
(L-R) Jacob  Kay(president , CPDM Kumba11) Prince Ekale Mukete( Mayor Kumba1)
comrade Nasiru of Kumba11
Always at the service of Kumba 1

Partial view of one of the Sites prepared for the Governor and his entourage to receive breakfast at the residence of Prince Ekale Mukete, Mayor Kumba 1Council.

the arrival of dignitries at the compound of Prince Ekale Mukete.

By Ledi Akwo

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