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The 17th Edition of World Rural Women’s Day in Meme Division

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The 17th edition of world rural women’s day was celebrated on the 15th October 2012 at the Kossala Catholic school in Fiango Kumba two sub division . The celebration activities which were geared towards empowering the rural woman on her farm work were hosted by Zone four women of Kumba. It was equally chaired by the Second Assistant SDO for Meme, Yongkuma Nelson, a representative of the government Delegate, the D.Os of Kumba I and II, the Mayors of Kumba I,II and III ,the Divisional Delegate of Women’s Empowerment and the Family, Irene Lobe Bake, the Divisional Delegate of Environment and Nature Protection amongst many other important personalities in Kumba.

the Divisional Delegate of Women's Affaires, Irene lobe delivering a speech

the Divisiona Delegate of Environmentgives a talk on climate change

The celebration started with a welcome speech by the host president of Zone four who  welcomed every one for participating in the celebration and thanked the Divisional Delegate of Women’s Empowerment  for the choice their zone to host  the celebration . In the Divisional Delegate of Women’s Empowerment’s speech, she stressed on the role of a woman in our community and therefore stressed on the fact that women ought to be responsible for every part they are to play  in our community.

sketch by the women on climate change


the SDO congratulates them

The Divisional Delegate of Environment gave a talk on  Climate change ,which was the main idea in this year’s theme.He advised women not to cut down trees, not to build in swampy areas,not to burn grass for it will be disadvantageous to the crops in the  farms. He equally defined a real rural woman to be respectable, owns many farms, sustainer of the family, and more to that an economist leading to the development of our community.

the Second Deputy Mayor Kumba III, Tazi Bertha tells women they need to be involved in the country's politics:so as to be part of decision making


the Divisional Delegate of Women' s Empowerment hands the gifts donated by the Government Delegate to the Kumba City Council to the Zone four women

the token given to the rural women for agricultural use.

In the speech read by the Second Deputy Mayor of Kumba III, Tazi Bertha, she called for every woman to get involved in  politics so as to bring possible and concrete solutions to better our society, that is women should get into councils, parliament and why not the government to contribute to the development of the nation

the Second Asssitant SDO reads his speech

March pass by the rural women of Kumba

The celebration was filled with songs,dancing and  sketches  done by the rural women of zone four on  Climate change and its effects.This aws  to educate those present on the causes of  poor farm output and what remedy to follow. The celebration ended with a march pass done by all the zones of rural women found in Kmba after a word given by the Second Assistant SDO to thank the Divisional Delegate of Women’ for an occasion like this and to the good advice given to them by the Divisional Delegate which will consequently better the farming activities of the hard working rural women of Meme Division.

by relindis Ndikum

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