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CPDM Meme I A militants hold a fund raising meeting

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CPDM Meme I A militants  held a fund raising meeting on Saturday 15th December 2012 at the Kumba City  Banquet Hall.The reason for this fund raising  by the CPDM comrades and militants of this section was for a proper sponsoring the campaign for the registration exercise and also to help produce National Identity Cards for those militants who are unable to register.

Prince Ekalle Mukete,Meme 1A section President and Chief Ndome Samuel of Kake II Bokoko

With Tata Okia Elangwe,paramount ruler of the Bakundus as the chair person,he said in his closing remark that, all militants are supposed to work on one path.Adding that some should not work  while others sit behind just to eat. He said this because of the absence of many CPDM militants who were supposed to be present in the fund raising exercice

Nfon V.E Mukete and the special advicer at the prime minister's office,Mrs. Ndoh Bertha Bakata

Prince Ekalle Mukete on his part said that, there was a clear sign post to indicate  the date and the place of the meeting and that those who were not present were mainly running away from their responsibility.

Y CPDM section President,John Kinge reads the names and amount of those who have contributed in the fund raising

Tata Okie Elangwe, chairman making his closing remarks

The Former Minister of Justice,Itoe Benjamin congratulates the Section president, Prince Ekalle Mukete for his good hand work

Although the meeting was not attended by many as planned, some reasonable sum of money (about two million) was raised by those who made it. During the meeting, it was suggested that another meeting  be held in the month of January 2013 for those who were unable to make it. Those present were Nfon V.E Mukete, Nnoko Mbelle, Honorable Motaze Ngoh, former Minister of Justice Itoe Benjamin,Madam Ntuba Beatrice amongst others. by relindis Ndikum

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