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Kumba Hosted Day of the Mother Tongue for the South West

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The regional celebration of the international day of the mother tongue/arts and culture in colleges took place on Thursday 21st February in CCAS Kumba under the auspices of the Regional delegate of Secondary Education,South West,Mr.Ngundu Francis.The day was observed under the theme ‘Mother tongue and Books’ and it saw schools in Kumba partake in different cultural and artistic displays.

Mr.Ngundu Francis,Regional Delegate for Secondary Eduction addressed the population

Nfon V.E Mukete sitted among Regional Pedagogic Inspectors of Languages

R-L:Mrs Tazi Bertha,MR.Muelle Kunz Mbai,Principal of CCAS Kumba,Mr.Epie Ekale,Divisional Delegate Secondary Education Meme and the Regional Delegate,Mr.Ngundu Francis

Principals of Colleges in Kumba:Dr.Tazi,Mrs Mewanu Mbone of GTHS Kang Barombi among others

R-L:Mr. Nganda Rudolph,Principal of GBHS Kumba,Mrs Oben Sally of the Divisional Delegation of Secondary Education with other colleagues

The Principal of PHS Kumba,Mr Evaristus Nana infront,the Principal of GBTTC Kumba,Mr.Jingwa Tambo George in black jacket among colleagues

Mrs.Ayuk Susan in the middle with her colleagues who all are also Regional Pedagogic Inspectors of English

Press Men Present during the celebration

The prizes that were handed to the various schools that performed well

Mr.Enongene James,Regional Pedagogic Inspector English Language promoted the Bakossi culture by drinking his palmwine from the trditional calabash in front of him

The schools showcased traditional dances from the different regions of Cameroon

Arts and Crafts Exhibitions

Mr.Ngundu Francis hands over the prize of GBTTC to the Principal,Mr.Jingwa Tambo George

the divisional delegate hands a prize to the Principal of GBHS Mabanda

Traditional dances,sketches,story telling,exhibitions among sothers were all carried out in different mother tongues of Cameroon by the students who represented their schools.

By Keyna Metuge

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