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Prince Ekalle Mukete Fosters the Registration Exercise in the Kumba I Municipality

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Monday 25th March 2013, at the CPDM Secretariat, there again another meeting on the planning and strategies to use convince citizens of the Kumba I municipality to register. The meeting was chaired by the CPDM Section president for Meme I A, Prince Ekalle Mukete, the Section President of W CPDM for Meme I A, the Section President of Y CPDM for Meme I A and other executive meetings members of this section.

The main purpose of this one was to appreciate the hand work of those who were in charge of carrying people door to door to get them registered and that the number of registration has drastically increase in number of people meaning that they were were serious with their jobs.


Due to this increase in number the president said that two other machines for the registration shall be place at Alaska House and the other at Bonakama to ease the movement of people and this will again consequently increase the number of people registering.

cross section crowd

It was observe during the meeting that all the CPDM party militant present were willing to do this work effectively and this consequently portray them as patriots who wants to show the right of every Cameroon citizen. Towards the end of the meeting money for feeding and transportation money was given to them for work to be done.

by Relindis Ndikum

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