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A Man By Name Abua Got burnt in his house

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Sunday 31st March 2013 night  breaking Monday 1st April 2013 , a man named  Abua  Charles in the neighborhood of Kumba town;in between pro plaza, a  snack bar and former SONEL,was burnt to death in his ‘’ karabout’’ house that went ablaze without the source known yet.  It was reported that the man came back home that night very drunk and immediately went to bed that night, since his wife had travelled.

After some hours, neighbours realized that  there was smoke in that house, just behind former SONEL Kumba town and suddenly there was fire and his son who has a small business container by the road side came rushing to save him but  could not do anything because the man was already burnt to death.

Kumba day and night was told that this man was  seriously into drinking and smoking, that is why  he always came back home seriously drunk and now we  cannot determine the cause of the fire in his house. He was buried beside the house. He leaves behind his wife and children who now have to look for a place to stay since their home has been destroyed.It is equally alerged that the medical report carried out proved that Mr. Abua’s foot was cut off and that he might have been strangled to death by who knows who.We gathered too that his late wife died on the verge of giving birth to their sixth child some few years back and was buried in a far off place.Their children are now ofans left to fend and cater for themselves.Well,investigations are still ongoing as to the root cause of the fire.

Kumba Day and Night extend their heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.

Mr. Abua's one time residence now harbouring the shambles and his grave

Mr. Abua's grave

kumbadayandnight was equally informed that the said Abua would have been murdered since early that morning,he had a quarrel with someone over a land issue.The person added that he had sold the land to a lawyer and a rich man had proposed him twice the amount that the lawyer had paid for the land,that same night Mr. Abua’s house was on fire and not a pin was picked from it.

May his soul rest in the peace of the Lord God Almighty.Amen.

By Relindis and Keyna

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