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Meme Senatorial Candidates Meet With Councillors

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Mayor Otte Mofa who is the Senatorial candidate for Meme and Njikam Richard his alternate have been meeting the councillors of all the councils in Meme for the up coming senatorial elections come Sunday April 14th 2013.They were led on April 8th 2013 to Kumba 1 Council by the head of the central committee of the CPDM party,Nfon Victor Esemisongo Mukete;paramount ruler of Bafaw.Acompanying the team during their visit to Kumba 1 Council were:Honourable Justice Benjamin Itoe,Steven Mbonda Motia;YCPDM National President,Mrs.Ndoh Bertha;Special Advicer at the Prime Minister’s Office and also member of the Meme central committee of the party,Mr.Ekole Peters;member of Meme Divisional CPDM Central committee campaign team and President of the Konye sub divisional CPDM campaign team for the Senatorial elections,Hon.Abel Mukete;Vice President of the Kumba 1 sub divisional CPDM campaign team and member of the divisional CPDM campaign team and Mr. Ngoh Nkelle Victor,the Government Delegate to the Kumba City Council.They were received by the Lord Mayor of Kumba 1 council Prnce Ekale Mukete who doubles as Section President Meme 1A CPDM.

Honourable Abel Mukete and Mr.Muelle Kunz,Principal of CCAS Kumba

Councillors waiting for the arrival of the senatorial candidates in Kumba 1 Council

Arrival of the Senators in Kumba 1 Council

Senatorial candidates,Otte Andrew and Richard Njikam as they arrived Kumba 1 coucil

Mr.Steven Mbonda Motia;YCPDM National President,Hon.Justice Benlamin Itoe,Prince Ekale Mukete;Section President Meme 1A CPDM and Nfon V.E Mukete;paramount ruler of Bafaw and head of Central Committee of the CPDM Meme

Hon.Abel Mukete,Mrs.Ndoh Bertha,Mr.Ekole Peters,Mr.Ngoh Nkelle Victor and Mr.Otte Andrew Mofa

Prince Ekale Mukete addresses the councillors and guests present

Nfon V.E Mukete introduced the candidates to the councillors

Mr. Otte profiled himself to the councillors

Mr. Njikam Richard also gave a word

The senatorial elections hold on Sunday April 14th across the national territory and the councillors have the knife and the yam as to who becomes senator in their respective council areas.Th candidates are doing their best in campaigns for the senatorial positions but the decison is that of the councillors and not theirs.All the best.

By Keyna Metuge

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