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MUDEC Group HELD A Three Day Gender Responsive Budgeting Workshop in Kumba

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The Municipal Development Counselling  {MUDEC} Group held a three day workshop from April 10th to 12th 2013 in collaboration with the United Nations Women in New York at the Kumba Women’s Empowerment and the Family Centre.The w0rkshop that brought together Secretary Generals of Councils in the South West Region and some women from different council areas was aimed at sensitizing the participants on the importance of  gender voices in council budgeting.The participants were also drilled on their role in helping the councils in carrying out their duties especially in the execution of development goals in the municipalities.With resource persons drawn from CEFAM in Buea;Mr.Vincent Anu and Mrs.Awasom Susan helped the participants better understand what is meant by gender responsive budgetary framework and performance measurement.

The Director of the Kumba Women Empowerment and the Family Centre,Mrs.Eta Dorothy welcomed the participants at the opening of the workshop

Mr.Mbonteh Charlie,Director of MUDEC led the participants in the warm up exercise before the workshop properly began

Mrs Judith Mofa Judith,Regional Delegate Women's Empowerment ant the Family for South West opened the workshop on behalf of the Mayor of Buea

Family photographs taken on day one of the workshop

Mr. Charlie Mbonteh,Anne Munjong of CRTV Buea and Mrs.Eta Dorothy;Director of the Kumba Women's Center

Mrs Mofa Judith,the Regional Delegate of Women's Empowerment and the Family and Mrs.Susan Awasom of CEFAM Buea listened and took notes like all other participants

Mr.Anu Vincent who came in from CEFAM Buea with Mrs.Susan Awasom giving a talk on gender responsive budgetingMrs Mofa Judith,Mr.Vincent Anu and Mrs.Awasom Susan

Day  two like day one saw the participants split into groups in order to easily get them to understand the raison d’etre of the workshop

Mr.Charlie Mbonteh together with the participants created Women Foundations for Change in all the council areas involved

Apart from the gender action plan that made it that the women foundations for change be formed,the participants also understood that there was a need for council budgets to be engendered and that these foundations will help for the councils to carry out their budgeting having at the mind of their heads that  all have a say in the growth of the municipalities.

By Keyna Metuge

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