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Kumba 1 Municipality Has A New Subdivisional Officer

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Following the recent transfer of D.Os in the nation according to the decree signed on April 22nd 2013,Mr.Fumombot  Duala Charles is now the subdivisional officer for Kumba 1.Mr. Duala charles who is coming from Limbe 2 municipality in the same capacity has come to fill the office that had been vacant for  so long since the former D.O;Mr.Ndikum Clement Fon was appointed Secretary General at the South West governor’s office.

Born on September 1966 in Mundum 1 in Bafut North West region,Mr.Fumombot  Duala Charles has been first Assistant Prefect in Kupemuanengube division,D.O in Njinikom;Boyo division and just left Limbe 2 in same capacity as D.O.He was put into his functions by the S.D.O for Meme,Mr.Koulbout Aman David on Friday May 10th 2013.

Awaiting the S.D.O’s arrival

Mr.Ndikum Clement Fon,former D.O for Kumba 1 now S.G at the South West Governor's Office

Mr.Fumombot Duala Charles,the new D.O for Kumba 1

The new D.O,Mr. Fumombot Charles,Prince Ekale Mukete and Mr.Ngoh Nkelle

The Senior Divisional Officer for Meme,Mr.Koulbout Aman David

Mr.Ngoh Nkelle;government delegate,Kumba City Council,Nfon V.E Mukete,Paramount Ruler of  Bafaw and Meme Senator,Hon.Justice Benjamin Itoe and Mrs.Koulbout Lydie;the S.D.O’s wife

Prince Ekale Mukete read the welcome speech and also gave the new D.O an idea of the area he has been sent to work in.

The Mayor of Kumba 1 handing his address to the S.D.O

The second Assistant S.D.O for Meme,Mr.Yongkuma Nelson Gamsi who was interim D.O for Kumba 1 read the decree of appointment of Mr.Fumombot Duala Charles as D.O for Kumba 1

Mr. Koulbout Aman David addressed the populationsking them to help the new sub prefect in exercising his duties

Mr. Fumombot introduced to the constituted corps by Mrs Nso Ebangha of the Kumba 1 D.O's office

The new subdivisional Officer for Kumba 1 Shook hands with the SDO after meeting with the constituted corps

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