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NIWODDA’s 7th Assembly Thrills Kumba

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The Nninong women and daughters development association,NIWODDA held their 7th general assembly in Kumba from May 4 to the 5th 2013.The assembly under the national president,Mrs.Njie Mbonde Ebude¬† had as objectives to make sure that their goal of aiding the under privileged especially the girl child and also to meet the needs of the poor and needy in the society.It’s in this light that the women and daughters from the Nninong clan situated in Bangem subdivision of Kupemuanengube Division all came in from far and wide to make their voices heard.

The Kumba branch President,Mrs.Ekane Becky and other NIWODDA members

The national president Mrs. Njie Mbonde Ebude welcoming members of the thirteen branches

The candidates for the egg race with their eggs

Among other games was the sac race too

Shoes used for the shoe race

Whether falling or not,the NIWODDA members from all 13 branches made sure that their meeting was a success as all took part in the activities

Inspecteur Principal Emilia Adiahakame from Mbonge

Jury members

Yaounde branch

The ballet dancers as they got themselves prepared for their performances

Buea branch

Tombel Branch

Kumba Branch

Bangem branch

Yaounde branch

Bamenda branch

Apart from the sac race,egg race,shoe race,dancing¬† and singing,the NIWODDA 7th general assembly could not go without the women and daughters of Nninong clan bringing in their fathers,husbands and friends to make them know what they are doing in terms of development in the society at large and the clan in particular.Reason why there was a gala night on the 4th of May at the Kumba City Banquet Hall during which the rich cultural diversity of our beloved country was shown.The thirteen branches of NIWODDA decided to continue to improve the lives of the underprivileged especially in education,health and other social amenities.While the national President of Nninong Women and Daughters Development Association,Mrs.Ebude Njie Mbonde asked the women to work in unity and love and also to avoid belonging to several ‘njangi’ houses as this will only get them indebted and thus stressful for them.She equally thanked the men and all those who support them in their activities for success.They then put the next rendez-vous for next year in Bangem.

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