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The Installation of New D.O Kumba Three

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Mr. Guibai Gilbert Baldena  was commissioned into his functions as D.O for Kumba three on Thursday May 23rd 2013 at the Kumba three grand stand by the S.D.O for Meme,Mr. Koulbout Aman David.The occasion also saw the Mayor of Kumba three,Dr. Ndeme Takem give the new D.O an idea of the kind of terrain he has come to work in also,he adviced him just like the S.D.O to be very prudent and wise in solving problems like land matters and other scuffles between  the people in the subdivision.The new D.O for Kumba three was born on October 13 1967 in Mokolo in the Northern regions of Cameroon and before coming to Kumba,he was D.O for Njombe-Penja in the Littoral Region of Cameroon.

Arrival of Mr. Guibai Baldena at the ceremonial ground

Mrs.Koulbout Lydie arrives the installation ground

Mr. Guibai Gilbert Baldena awaiting his installation

The S.D.O Mr. Koulbout Aman David's arrival with his entourage and Mayor Ndeme Takem by his right

All rose for the national anthem

After reviewing the troops,the S.D.O was introduced to the constituted corps

L-R:The second Assistant S.D.O,Yongkuma Nelson Gamsi,The S.D.O for Meme,Mr.Koulbout Aman D and The D.O for Kumba 3,Mr.Guibai Gilbert Baldena

The S.D.O and the new Kumba 3 D.O

Mr.Sezode Pierre;D.O Kumba 2 and the government delegate Kumba City Council;Mr.Ngoh Nkelle

Mayor Ndeme Takem addressing the population

Workers of the S.D.O's office

Mr.John Makia and Chief Dr. Ebanja behind him

The S.D.O addressed the population and also gave words of advice to the new D.O

Mr.Mwelle Kunz;Principal of CCAS Kumba among others who witnessed the occasion

R-L:The senior state counsel for Meme;Mr.Batuo Paul,Mrs.Mengale and the President of the Kumba high court

The New D.O Takes command after the S.D.O commissioned him into office

Mr.Guibai reviewed the troops and then he was introduced to the constituted corps

Mr.Guibai Gilbert Baldena is a graduate from the school of magistracy in Yaounde ;ENAM,has served the nation in many capacities,married and a father of four children. By Keyna Metuge and Regina  kor0

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