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The 6th Moni Charlotte Music Scholarship Award in PHS Kumba

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The Presbyterian High School Kumba,PHS received for the 6th time the Moni Charlotte award for music students on Saturday May 18th 2013 at the school hall.The awards donated by Nfon V.E Mukete who was represented by Prince Ekale Mukete,the Mayor of Kumba 1 council were as usual to promote the love of music in young  people and also to help bring out their talents in music.The ceremony which was actually twin was also joined with award of  prizes to deserving students for moral and academic excellence.

At the Lord Mayor’s arrival he was received by the Principal of PHS,Mr. Nana Evaristus

The principal of P.H.S Mr.Nana Evaristus making a speech.

Bembi Solange one of the laureates gave a song in solo with the aid of the main pianist

Prince Ekale Mukete and others handed certificates and prizes to the best music students in every class

Mr Paul Epie,chief of cabinet Kumba city council also handed prizes

Mrs Rose Masama handing a prize to a student

The music award laureates

Dr.Akeng Nkeng George of solidarity health association in Douala who came with his team to donate academic prizes to some students

Mr.Nzogge Tete,the Vice Principal of PHS calling out the names of students who received academic prizes

Mr Ayamelong Gabriel,YCPDM Section President Meme 1 B handing a prize to one of the students

Mr.John Kome also handed some prizes

Mr.Paul Epie of the City Council also handed some

P.H.S Prncipal,Mr Evaristus Nana handing prizes too

Mayor Ekale took some photographs with the students and staff of P.H.S Kumba at the end of the twin ceremony

The twin ceremony ended in merry making and fanfare as the students did not go home with just academic prizes but also those who were best in music took home forty and sixty  thousand francs for first and second prizes respectively in all the classes.

By Keyna Metuge and Regina

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