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“KASEMA” To Bring Portable Water to Some Villages in Meme Soon

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The villages of Kake 2 Bokoko,Small Ekombe,Marumba 1 and Marumba 2 will soon have portable water thanks to KASEMA with the support of LIVEBuild which is from the Netherlands.The feasibility studies which were carried out since last year are now almost a reality because in May all the villages concerned were at the Lake Barombi where libations,traditional dancing and singing were  done while the catchment head was also placed into the Lake Barombi so that the water can be sent to the KASEMA villages.Thorough work started on Tuesday June the 18th for the bringing of portable water to these villages that suffered a great deal without water.

The catchment head being taken to the lake

Sending the catchment into the lake

Setting the intake head into the lake Barombi Mbo

Mrs Jitske Verkervisse,the country Representative of LiveBuild Cameroon,with the Director of LiveBuild,Mr.Koen VanBremen from the Netherlands too among others

Members of the Jengu cultural dance

Chief Dr.Ndome Samuel Mukwelle of Kake 2 Bokoko with Mr.Koen behind him

Attaching the pipes to the catchment head

Mr.Kilo Frantz,KASEMA’s Secretary General discussed with some villagers who are expecting portable drinking water

Mr. Koen Vanbremen,Mr.Telelen Joseph:KASEMA board member from Marumba 1 and Mrs. Jitske

The Jengu dance group that animated

L-R:Mr.Eyole Lambe,the KASEMA Project manager,Mrs Jitske and another collaborator

The Villagers took photographs with the KASEMA Officials

Mrs. Jitske,Regina of Kumbadayandnight and Mr.Koen at the end of the ceremony

Chief Dr.Ndome Samueul among other notables

Mrs Jitske,Mr Koen and Mr. Sumelong Ewane all of KASEMA

At the end of the day,there was a lot of feasting with the villagers from Kake 2 Bokoko,Small Ekombe,Marumba 1 and 2 as they were now so sure that in no distant time,portable drinking water will flow at their door steps and even right in their houses.Work has begun at Kake 2 with the construction of a water tank for the village.Work in the other villages will follow suit subsequently.

By Keyna Metuge and Regina

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