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CDSTS Kumba Graduates first Batch of Agro-pastoral Technicians

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July 31 2003 marked a memorable day for the students,teachers,parents and well wishers of the Community Development Specialisation Training School Kumba as some forty {40} students were sent out of the school as agro- pastoral technicians.The senior technicians in agro- pastoral counseling are not going out as farmers but as advicers  to farmers having at the back of their heads the fact that the farmers already have their indigenous knowledge.The graduation ceremony chaired by the second assistant S.D.O for Meme,Yongkuma Nelson also saw the presence of the Regional delegate for Agriculture and Rural Development,representatives of RUMPI,the National Employment Fund,SOWEDA among others.

The arrival of the Second Assistant SDO accompanied by the Director of CDSTS Kumba,Mr. Nkwatio Emmanuel among others

Graduands matched into the hall

The Director of REDSTS Kumba,the Director of CDSTS Mr. Nkwatio Emmanuel,The Second Assistant SDO and the Regional Delegate of Agriculture for S.W

The Etat major who came along with the S D O

Wheelbarrows,boots and cutlasses given to meritorious students

The school choir

Some staff members of CDSTS

Mr.Nkwatio Emmanuel,the Director of CDSTS addressing the population

The students representative who talked on their experiences while they studied in the school

Mr.Nkenlefack gave the academic discourse

The Second Assistant S D O handed over the first prize

The regional delegate of Agriculture handing over one of the wheel barrows to a student

The director handed over the prize to the oldest and devoted staff member

The regional delegate making his speech and proclaiming the results,with the second assistant S.D.O by his right

The Second Assistant SDO giving the closing remarks

During the programme,the students were not only given advice by the director of  C D S T S, Mr.Nkwatio on how to go about the job market but every speech in the hall gave them a lot of ideas on how to face the market.Mr. Nkwatio told them that no professional lacks work to do and that the staff and management know what they had  put in the students and they had no fear that they will give it out wherever need be.

By Keyna Metuge

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