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D.O Kumba one’s Maiden visit to Mbo Barombi

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To get himself acquainted with the population he is called to serve,Mr Charles Fumubod Douala was on a maiden contact tour of his jurisdiction recently.Together with his collaborators,the D.O’s aim was to know his people and to go closer to them so as to hear and see some of their problems for himself in order to help solve them in one way or the other.

Getting the village ready to receive the D.O

D.O Fumubod and the Chief of Mbo Barombi having a tete-a-tete discussion

Chief Oro Oro Peter,the inspector of basic education Kumba 1 giving answers to questions on education posed by the villagers

Classrooms in Mbo Barombi constructed by Kumba 1 council

The classrooms to be completed for use in the next academic year

Toilets constructed in Government School Mbo Barombi together with the classrooms;constructed by Kumba 1 council

D.O Duala Charles says goodbye to the Chief Barombi Mbo and the villagers upon his departure back to Kumba

By Keyna Metuge

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